Crazy Time Casino Bonuses in India

It’s time to explore the thrilling mini-games CrazyTime offers. It presents four unique bonus games, each providing an opportunity to win incredible prizes. Every Crazy Time bonus sector introduces a distinct challenge and adventure, taking your potential gains to new heights.

While Cash Hunt and Pachinko have two sectors on the drum, Coin Flip has four, giving you the best chance for a substantial victory. However, the true star of the show is Crazy Time. It only occupies one sector but offers players an unparalleled opportunity for maximum payouts.

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Crazy Time bonus games

Get ready for an unforgettable experience of excitement and rewards in CrazyTime. Let’s embark on this adventure together and closely examine the four exhilarating Crazy Time casino bonus games.

Coin Flip

Among the four casino bonus games available in Crazy Time, the Coin Flip bonus game stands out as the least predictable. This game appears on the wheel four times, demanding the player’s attention. Once triggered, it presents a simple coin toss scenario where two bet multipliers, red and blue, are at stake. The multiplier value for this game ranges from a modest 2 to an impressive 100 times. Additionally, if the multiplier wheel lands on the Coin Flip segment, the multiplier can be further increased. A machine flips the coin based on the host’s button press, and the resulting multiplier is awarded based on the color of the coin’s flipped side that faces up. With these intriguing dynamics, the Coin Flip game adds more anticipation and excitement to the Crazy Time experience.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is an exciting and engaging game found twice on the Crazy Time bonus wheel. Imagine standing before a massive wall adorned with various symbols, including a cactus, gift, target, sheriff’s star, rabbit, and jester’s hat. Behind each symbol are hidden treasures in the form of 108 bet multipliers waiting to be discovered.

As a player, you can choose your symbol or let the game decide for you, adding an element of anticipation and surprise. When the countdown begins, the symbols fade away, revealing the multipliers hidden within them. It’s thrilling as you eagerly wait to see what rewards await you.

With its unique concept and the element of luck, the Cash Hunt bonus game provides an exhilarating experience for players, keeping them entertained and on edge. So, get ready to embark on this thrilling hunt, and may you uncover the most lucrative multipliers in this captivating game.


The Free Spins Bonus is a thrilling feature that can be triggered twice on the wheel, just like Cash Hunt. But that’s not all. Behind the wheel is a hidden surprise – the Pachinko bonus game. Picture a vibrant purple vertical wall with 16 boxes, each holding a random multiplier. And if luck is on your side, you might even come across one or more “double” symbols.

Watch in anticipation as the host ascends to the top of the wall and tosses a puck down. It gracefully bounces off the spurs, teasingly dancing mid-air, before finally descending into one of the boxes. The excitement builds as you eagerly await the outcome. If the puck lands in your favor, you win an extra bet multiplier and feel the rush of triumph. But wait, there’s more. If the puck lands on a “double” symbol, all the multipliers are instantly doubled, heightening the thrill and anticipation. Then, another puck is thrown down, keeping the excitement alive.

So, prepare to embark on an exciting journey with the Free Spins Bonus, where every spin promises incredible rewards and unforgettable moments.

Crazy Time

In the thrilling Crazy Time casino game in India, players are in for the ultimate perk, the Crazy Time bonus game. As you spin the wheel, you’ll immediately notice that this incredible bonus is truly one-of-a-kind, standing out prominently among the other segments. When the coveted Crazy Time bonus is triggered, the charismatic game host beckons you towards the mysterious red door on the right side of the vibrant stage. With great anticipation, you enter the door and find yourself transported to an awe-inspiring planet that rivals the world’s most magnificent amusement parks. At the heart of this extraordinary world, a colossal wheel awaits, capturing your attention with its sheer size and grandeur. In contrast to the immense wheel, the host appears diminutive, adding to the sense of wonder and excitement.

One of the three captivating colors displayed above the wheel will be selected exclusively for you. As you hold your breath in anticipation, you’ll also encounter double and triple symbols on the wheel, promising the potential for even bigger wins. With many possibilities and surprises awaiting you, the Crazy Time bonus is a truly captivating experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game. Prepare to embark on an amazing adventure filled with excitement, anticipation, and the chance to win rewards.

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Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

The bonus program is an integral part of modern online casinos. These bonuses motivate players to engage more and help the casino maintain an active customer base. The variety of bonuses ranges from cash upon registration, deposit-based cash bonuses, free spins, and cashback to special promotions. These bonuses are particularly useful when placing bets on games like Crazy Time.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these bonuses come with wagering requirements. While a bonus allows you to place more bets, the funds cannot be withdrawn. Players must wager the bonus according to specific rules and coefficients. Once this amount has been wagered, the bonus is considered “wagered,” and any winnings can be withdrawn. The wagering conditions vary based on the type of bonus received.

  • Welcome Bonus. This Crazy Time bonus today is the primary bonus many online casinos offer. It’s a one-time reward given during a player’s time at the casino and depends on their initial deposit.

  • No Deposit Bonus. A no-deposit bonus enables players to begin playing without any initial investment. The Crazy Time free bonus fits this category perfectly. The player receives a fixed amount of money for betting purposes. However, these credited bonus funds cannot be withdrawn and must be wagered. Crazy Time no deposit bonuses often have higher wagering requirements and can be the main or supplementary bonuses.

  • Free Spins. Free spins are a type of casino bonus typically used for slot games. To obtain free spins, players must register and meet certain casino requirements. Free spins can either be a standalone bonus or a bonus package. The received free spins can be used in all games without restrictions, enabling more bets without additional deposits.

  • Deposit Bonus. The most widespread bonus in online casinos is the deposit bonus. Its value is dependent on the player’s deposit into their account. Often, casinos offer a 100% deposit bonus, subject to minimum conditions. The user deposits a certain amount and receives additional money in their bonus account. This deposit bonus requires wagering. Some casinos may offer a package of deposit bonuses.

  • Reload Bonus. The Reload Bonus depends on the player’s subsequent deposits. Funds must be deposited into the account. The player then receives a one-time payment for betting purposes. The reload bonus is often offered after the participant has registered and deposited funds into their account but has yet to use them. This bonus motivates the client and allows additional bets in games.

  • Cashback Bonus. A Cashback Bonus involves the return of a percentage of the funds lost on bets. Cashback can be provided weekly, monthly, or daily. A percentage of the lost bets is periodically returned to the player. However, cashback is not paid if the deposits exceed the losses. The refund amount may vary based on the player’s status or the rules of the bonus system.

  • VIP and Loyalty Programs. Modern casinos leverage bonuses and loyalty programs to foster long-term, profitable customer relationships. Active players who frequently make deposits can receive individual bonuses, beneficial fund exchange rates, quick and easy money withdrawals, and personalized support. The VIP bonus depends on the player’s status, with higher statuses conferring more privileges.

  • Seasonal and Special Promotions. Online casinos often offer special bonuses or promotional offers for specific dates and events. These promotions are time-limited, and players must participate to reap the benefits. Games like Crazy Time often feature in these promotions. For instance, depositing a specific amount at a certain time of the week could earn additional funds for playing this engaging gambling show.


Here, we’ve put together answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive, aiming to provide you with quick and effortless access to information.

How do I utilize the bonus?

When bonus funds are allocated to a dedicated account, participants can use these instead of their primary cash account when making wagers. After using the entire bonus amount, it must be wagered before becoming eligible for new bonuses. Using multiple bonuses in online casinos is a common practice.

How do I obtain a bonus from online casinos?

To start, players must complete the registration process. During this stage, they might be offered a range of continual casino bonuses. Once registered, the subsequent step is to log in and deposit funds into their account. The type and magnitude of the bonus given will hinge on the deposit amount.

What are the bonuses for Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a game that offers an array of bonuses designed to enrich the player’s experience. These bonuses encompass deposit and no-deposit bonuses, cashback, and personalized rewards. Access to these bonuses renders Crazy Time more rewarding and captivating for gamers. Please remember that wagering requirements must be fulfilled before any funds can be withdrawn.

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